how to create a vision board

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How to create a vision board

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The vision board, such a profound yet simple tool we can use to envision our future and benefit by using the law of attraction (I’ll talk more about that later.). first let’s answer what is vision board for those who may not know. A vision board is a collage of pictures or quotes of what you want your future-self to become. 

Now that we have explained what a vision board is, let’s jump into how to create a vision board. 


Items you need:

  1. Access to a printer
  2. Two binders (A completed binder and a future binder)
  3. A poster board/cork board (For short term vision boards I personally use a cork board and tacks, it makes it easier to take down completed goals. And for long term vision boards I’ll use a poster board and glue.)
  4. Glue/tacks


how to create a vision board

  1. Find photos or quotes that inspire you to achieve your goals and also related. look for 20 different photos 10 for your short term, and another 10 for your long term goals. If you don’t have set goals go to this blog post of mine. How to create goals that excite you
  2. Tip: Get creative and make it your own
  3. Label your photos with your written out goals. (this is a personal preference, if you cant remember the exact goal by just looking at the photo be sure to do this step)
  4. Label at least two daily actions that you can and will take to achieve your goal
  5. Label the two binders, one “future goals” which have your goals you want to achieve in the future. And label the other “goals I’ve achieved”. once you achieve a few goals this binder becomes great motivation to continue working towards your success.
  6. Orient the photos how you would like them to be on your vision board, then ask yourself “does this motivate and excite me, just by looking at it?” make sure it does, this vision board will help you push through times of struggle.  “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” -Steve Jobs
  7. Next step is to put your vision board together, by using your glue or tacks
  8. The last step is to hang your vision board somewhere you will see it everyday.



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How to create a vision board
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