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5 steps how to make an Action Plan

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How to make an Action Plan


Action plans help us break down our goals into daily manageable tasks. Most of us need to develop the habit of consistency. By the end of this blog, you should be a master at making an action plan specific to your goals. Let’s start out by giving you an example of an action plan.


Goals What daily tasks do I need to do achieve this goal Who can keep me accountable If I DON’T do the daily task what is the consequence What are the benefits of achieving this goal and daily tasks
List your SMART goals here Ask yourself “What could I do today to achieve my goal tomorrow?” Post your goals and the consequences on social media and ask someone to make sure you make daily progress Make sure you absolutely hate the consequence you set Make sure you absolutely love the benefits you set
Goal 1: write 6 1,000 word blog posts in one month
  1. Write 200 words per day
  2. Research one  topic for 15 minutes per day
My best friend (that I talk to daily) My best friend will sell my MT bike and keep the money for himself
  1. Help others achieve their goals
  2. Go on vacation to whistler to go Mountain biking


Say you are making $65,000 per year and you want to make $75,000 per year in a one year time period. You have to make $834 each month, and $28 per day. (It is easier to break up goals that have numbers and time periods.)

So how can you make $28 dollars more per day? I unfortunately can’t give you the best answer for this question. It depends on your own situation and what will work best for you. But some ideas could be, pick up a part time job, cut expenses and live below your means to save money, invest in stocks, etc..


Another example is:


Let’s say you want to become a professional baseball player. You could break this down by doing daily practice for 1 hour per day and working out for an hour per day. Also research and module your favorite player, how did they become a professional baseball player? Join accelerated teams to play the other great teams.


Your action plan is your strategy for success


“We are what we repeatedly do. Success is not an action but a habit” -Aristotle


In other blog posts I have talked about loving the process and being process oriented. Which relates to your action plan, by setting daily goals/tasks that excite you. These steps will help you achieve daily success. I have realized what aristotle says in this quote is 100% true. What we do on a daily basis determines if we succeed or fail.


5 Steps how to make an action plan


  • First create S.M.A.R.T goals

Be sure to make your goals as specific as possible, it will be easier to measure and break down the process of achieving your goals


  • Break your long term goals down into daily/weekly achievable goals

It’s not the number of daily tasks you do that lead you to your success, it’s the importance of of each task. Do the most important task of the day first. (usually, the the most important task of the day is the hardest. Set your mind and just do it.)


  • Get an Account-A-Buddy (Someone to keep you accountable.)

Let others know what your goals and aspirations are. It helps you achieve them faster, and can help others look at themselves and want to change for the better.


  • Have a set consequence that makes you angry and incites emotion


  • Have a set reward that you will do/have after accomplishing your daily goals

Having control and using your emotions is something very powerful. Learn how to use both positive and negative emotions to your advantage.


I hope this blog post has helped you learn how to make an action plan. leave a comment below with your action plan. be sure to like and share.


CJ Garner

5 steps how to make an Action Plan
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