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Robert Kiyosaki – Choose to be Rich

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My rich dad said, “All of us have the power of choice. I choose to be rich, and I make that choice every day” – Robert Kiyosaki

Today I wanted to share with you one rule that Robert Kiyosaki taught me, and that rule is making the choice to be rich everyday. Not only rich as in wealth but also in health, happiness and success. Answering this question changes your mindset and allows you to see different perspectives. I’ve implemented this question into my morning ritual, which has changed my life, and has helped me make better decisions, feel more confident, and more motivated. All these benefits come from asking yourself one simple question. Would you want to instantly feel energized to accomplish a task at hand? This question will do just that!

Choose to be Rich

To enable and empower yourself with this question, the task has to help you achieve your ultimate purpose in life (or anything that you need to get done.). Ex: Personally I have a hard time waking up if I don’t have a meeting of some kind. I know I need to wake up and do my morning ritual but my bed is sooo comfortable! Haha but Now when I wake up I ask myself “Do I want to be Rich?” and the answer is always a resounding YES! (Me asking myself this question helps my mind to understand that if I wake up I will be one step closer to my ultimate dream and goals.


How to implement this question into your daily life

  1. Write the question where you will see it everyday (on your bathroom mirror, on a sticky note, on your screen saver, etc..).
  2. Answer this question sincerely. Some days you will just want to quit (we all have those days), and it’s imperative to be honest with yourself. Knowing that your motivation is gone is a good thing. You can correct it by simply revisiting your goals and life purpose, think and ask yourself “why is this a must”. Once you revisit your goals and remember why you want to achieve them your desire and motivation will come back naturally.


The process of losing your motivation is natural, it helps you remember your goals and helps you keep them updated. But the key is to revisit your goals, you can’t just forget about them because you have found the next best thing (dont dabble, focus on one thing at a time. Trust me you will get a lot further in life if you just focus. But that’s a completely different subject.).


Make the choice today, follow through with your goals and make this choice a habit! This simple choice can and will change your life. Try it for a week and see how it’s changed your life. I started seeing results the first day I asked myself this question. Hopefully this has helped your life.


CJ Garner


Robert Kiyosaki – Choose to be Rich
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