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Habits: 4 Destroying Laziness, Anxiety, And Depression…

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The Reasons why I wrote this Book:


There are a couple different reasons I wanted to write this book, I’ll go ahead and list them for you.


  1. It’s always “seemed” like a super big goal that I could never achieve, but I set my mind to accomplishing it. There is a great life lesson that i learned from publishing this book and that is “Nothing is Impossible” (you hear this all the time, but it’s hard to fathom until you’ve achieved the impossible.


2. I really wanted to help those struggling with mental illnesses, specifically Depression and Confidence. I’ve struggled with times of depression, but I mostly Struggled with self confidence, which probably lead me to my depression. I was never the strongest, smartest, or most talented person (I’m a perfectionist, and if something isn’t perfect, myself, my mind will start a downward spiral of thinking “what’s wrong with me?”.).


Since overcoming my lack of self confidence, I have wanted to help others do the same. And that’s what my book will help you do, is to overcome these handicaps that we give ourselves. Helping others by the way is what I teach in my book, and that’s exactly what I want to do, is help you and provide Massive Value to your life!



What This Book will Teach You:


  • The Habit Formation Process


  • The Secret To Happiness


  • How To Achieve Your Goals And Dreams


  • Meditate Regularly To Feel Happy, Confident, And Motivated


  • How to Develop a morning ritual that ensures Health, Energy and Vitality



The benefits are unending, I hope this has provided value to your life! And if you wanted to check out my book here is the link: Habits: 4 Destroying Laziness, Anxiety, And Depression While Building Confidence, Drive, And Success


Always Strive to become the you, you want to become!

CJ Garner

Habits: 4 Destroying Laziness, Anxiety, And Depression…
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