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How to break through any Plateau

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We all have to overcome certain plateaus in our life, some people give up in the face of adversary. But that’s not you! You are going to overcome this plateau because you are taking action, and learning how to overcome difficulties in your life. Here is how we are going to overcome your plateau:


First: You have to come up with a why?


Why do you want this? Why do you want to overcome this plateau? Make sure it empowers you! (Ex: I want to massively impact another person’s life for the better.) finding the why might be difficult but once you find one that empowers you, you can achieve anything! Don’t be general when you are coming up with your why, be specific!


“Clarity is power” –Tony Robbins


Second: Be Positive


Staying positive and and knowing how to change your state is the best way to break through any plateau. Staying positive will keep your motivation which keeps you going! Thomas edison created the light bulb after 1,000 attempts. Now let ask you, have you tried breaking through your plateau 1,000 different ways? Keep up your positivity and you will make it through!


If you’ve lost your motivation, try Linking what you’re trying to overcome with something you absolutely love to do. (Ex: I love to go Mt. biking but I don’t like to clean. So I will Link Cleaning to Mt. biking by saying “I love having a clean Mt. bike” and “I love to clean my Mt. bike”.)

Think how you can link things together in order to create motivation and change the way you think about anything!


Third: How to change your state.


  1. Change the way you are breathing. Breath deeper, and try breathing fast or slow, experiment with different breathing techniques and find what works best for you to become positive and motivated.
  2. Smile more! When you truly smile it sends positive emotions to your brain which change your state.
  3. Change your posture. Change your posture to feel indestructible, having total confidence and completely in control! Then go back to your normal posture. Did you feel a difference? Good! Whenever you want to have energy and confidence change your posture!


We all have unlimited potential but only use 10% of our potential, Changing your state will unlock even more of your potential! Therefore Changing your state = Breakthroughs!

So get out there and Overcome your personal plateaus! If you need more resources or want more info on how to change your state, listen to Tony Robbins!


C.J. Garner

How to break through any Plateau
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