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Tips and Tricks to keep your Mind Fit

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The mind is a powerful tool when nourished with the right emotions and questions! There are many reasons why you should constantly keep your mind at peak state. For me some of those reasons are: to accomplish my goals, to have greater understanding/ to constantly learn at a faster pace, and to go through this process so I can help others. These are not the True reasons I want my mind to be sharp, I truly want the Emotions that come with these reasons. I want to feel accomplished, to have joy through helping others, and to be happy!


What are some of the True reasons you want to keep your mind fit? Wright those emotions down. There are a few simple actions that you can do to keep your mind sharp, which include: reading books, watching videos or listening to podcasts that empower you to achieve your goals and those emotions you listed!


Continuously grow and learn

“Once you stop learning, you start dying” Albert Einstein


Invest in yourself by reading books that will help you achieve your goals and desired emotions.

1. Read books that inspire you to change for your good


Watch motivational videos that will empower you and that will spark new ideas. (I have recently been watching Tony Robbins, and he has sparked new ideas and has helped me continue to learn.)


2. Watch motivational videos to spark new ideas how to improve



Ask yourself empowering questions. (Ex: instead of asking yourself “why am I so stupid?” ask yourself “How can I become smarter?”.) Never ask why am I…?. Always ask How can I…?

The first questions assumes that you can’t change and if you can’t change you can grow and if you can’t grow you start to die inside. But the second question goes in the exact opposite direction and says you can change and improve, which will keep your mind growing and keep it fit! Just by asking yourself empowering questions will change the direction of your life!


3. Ask yourself empowering questions “How can I…?”



We have always heard “You are what you eat.”. This also applies to your mind! Your mind feeds off of the questions you ask yourself! So if you ask empowering questions (How can I…?) then your mind will find the answer for you! I’ve applied this for about a week and my life has already changed drastically, and I know if you apply what you have learned from this article, your life will change too! Remember “If you don’t use it, you lose it”!

4. Apply what you learn and take Immediate Action



CJ Garner

Tips and Tricks to keep your Mind Fit
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