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Habits 4 Being More Productive

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Everyone wants to be more productive and feel accomplished in their life. Here are 4 habits to help you accomplish feeling accomplished.



Is keeping a journal of some kind, I personally use this Productivity Planner. This helps me in many ways!! You can look back on your day and see what you have achieved, which will either make you feel good and that you’ve done enough that day; or it will help you see what you could have done more or better that day. To look back and measure your progress is one of the greatest motivators that I know! This also helps me create and have a list of things I need/want to do. If I find myself wasting time or wondering what to do because I’m bored, I can look at my list and have something already planned out.



Is creating a morning routine that will help you feel great and put yourself at peak performance! I can’t stress this enough! Look at all the professional athletes, before the game they are stretching, warming up, and listening to music that pumps them up before the big game! I think about this and say, “Everyday is game day!”. This gets me pumped and it reminds me that everyday is special and that I can’t take it for granted! Morning routines are Probably the hardest this to be consistent at, I’ve found it hard to do it everyday. I’ve learned that you need to keep your morning routines spicy! So switch things up, and make it fun!

Stefan has a great video and coarse all about Morning Rituals! I highly recommend you go and check them out! He teaches you to have things in your morning routine that empower you! Don’t just wake up feeling tired, then get in the shower and call that your morning routine! When I wake up i smile and think of what I’m grateful for, next ill think of what I need to get done that day and write it in my planner, then ill stretch and workout, and lastly I will read. This is a pretty simple daily routine that I do and Stefan teaches this as well. I suggest you start with something similar to this and customize it as you go.



is to Just Do It! This is where you need to have mental toughness! Ask yourself if I did this, would it help me achieve what I want? If yes, then don’t think, just do. Once you get started you will find it hard to stop. My dad always tells me “make life happen” which means if I want something in my life I have to make it happen! This lesson has helped me on many occasions, I have been more outgoing and confident because of this.



The best way to motivate yourself to Just Do These habits is to think of better reasons why you should do them rather than why you shouldn’t / don’t want to, this will make this process 10 times easier! People often think of why they don’t want to do something. This is the number one killer of dreams and goals! Whenever you think of a reason not to do something you want, think of two reasons why you should. (Write them down) this has helped me keep going with my goals and I know it will help you too!


Hopefully this has been helpful to you!

C.J. Garner




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Habits 4 Being More Productive
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